The Oath: Dilshad Vadsaria, Sebastian Zurita, Erik King, J. Anthony Pena, Richard Burgi, Rich Paul And Carlos Sanz Join Cast For Season 2

Deadline is reporting that Dilshad Vadsaria, Sebastian Zurita, Erik King, J. Anthony Pena, Richard Burgi, Rich Paul and Carlos Sanz have signed up for recurring roles for the upcoming second season of Crackle’s crime drama series The Oath.


The series explores a world of gangs made up of those sworn to protect and defend, shedding a light on corrupt and secret societies that are nearly impossible to join, with only a select few making the cut. But once inside, members will do what they must to protect each other from enemies on the outside and from within their own ranks.

Dilshad Vadsaria (whose credits include Revenge and Second Chance) will be playing the role of Anaya Gil, who runs the U.S. faction of the Indo-Canadian Organized Crime. With her lieutenant Rajiv, her crime ring specializes in the theft and sale of luxury cars. Anaya runs her business professionally, is loyal to her friends, and expects the same from her partners. She cares about her business and her people, willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe.


Sebastian Zurita (whose credits include La Impostora and Unforgivable) will be playing the role of Ricardo Velasquez, the only son of Ignacio, who was raised in the shadow of his father. Ruthless to an extreme, and quick to anger. Ricardo has a contentious relationship with the rest of his family, in part because of the favoritism his father shows to Carmen, his sister. Envious, and eager to prove his worth, his thirst for power will lead him to decisions that he may come to regret.


Erik King (whose credits include Dexter and Banshee) will be playing the role of Pastor Greg, Amber’s father, and a self-reformed man who plans on helping those in the neighbourhood still in the life. Growing up in a family of gangbangers, he followed the tradition. But after losing his brother to gang violence, he decided to use his street knowledge to help the community instead. As a Pastor, Cole approaches him to organize events for the Ravens. Good PR to keep the public opinion on the gang’s side, and keep them out of another RICO case. As the violence escalates he’ll try his hardest to maintain the peace, and mentor Cole on the importance of helping the community.


J. Anthony Pena (whose credits include Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G and Lucifer) will be playing the role of Carl Ortiz, a current cop gang member and owner of the bar the Ravens frequent. Pena returns this season and becomes a major player in the gangs’ effort to break free from the Cartels grip and go legitimate.


Richard Burgi (whose credits include Desperate Housewives and General Hospital) will be playing the role of Nathan Andrews, a stone cold DEA agent. Calculating, Andrews is well aware of the corruption that a job like his can breed, and to a degree, he’s sympathetic to those who fall to it. He’s made it his mission in life to take down all the cartels no matter the consequences.


Rich Paul (whose credits include Sequestered and Age of the Living Dead) will be playing the role of Eli Briggs, the leader of a ruthless cop gang named the Horsemen. Eli’s character plays an integral part in creating havoc for the Ravens as they struggle to survive in the cop gang world.


Carlos Sanz (whose credits include Ten Days In The Valley and Arrow) will be playing the role of Ignacio Velasquez, a leader of the Costa Oeste Cartel. Father of Jorge and Carmen, and a ruthless leader, he built his empire from the ground up. He has an old school mentality when it comes to loyalty and rules with an iron fist. A legend in Colombia for helping his people and is considered a benefactor to his community. Equally feared and loved, he is about to learn the true meeting of loyalty.


The Oath stars Ryan Kwanten, Katrina Law, Sean Bean, Cory Hardrict, J.J Soria, Arlen Escapeta, Elisabeth Röhm, Robert Gossett, Isaac Keys and Michael Malarkey and joining them for season 2 also are Christina Milian, Leona Lewis and Zulay Henao.

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