About Me

Me and Director Paul GreengrassSince you have come all this way to here I might as well let you know who I am.

My name is Eamonn and I was born in raised in Derry, Northern Ireland. Throughout most of my life you will normally have me talking about two things – filming and sport. Since I wasn’t genetically gifted to pursue a career in the latter (something to do with having two left feet I guess), I decided to at least make a go of it in the former.

I’m a graduated from the North West Regional College in a HND in Moving Image and also from the University of Ulster Magee in a BSc Hons Degree in Computing Multimedia and Design. Weird thing is, I got my degree first before my HND. The reason being is that I decided to get a degree in a backup career option, such as computing, so now I can put all my effort in pursuing a career in the film/television industry. Thankfully the effort is paying off as I now have a couple of years experience now from freelancing gigs across the country to having a steady job now working at a production company called Besom Productions (which primarily does documentaries).

I’ve been blessed enough to have meet various amazing people in the short time that I have been here in this profession and hope to learn more from many other encounters as I progress further. If you had told me that in the first few years I would be having face to face encounters with the likes of Paul Greengrass (pictured above with yours truly) and Danny Boyle I would’ve laughed at you. Fortunately this isn’t one of those tales someone says ‘You should never met your heroes’ as Paul and Danny were two of the most humbling gentlemen that I have met. Wonder what the next few years will bring?

Everyday is a learning experience and hopefully soon I will get to direct my own written material with my own cast and crew in the near future.

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