The Batman: Robert Pattinson In Talks To Star As Matt Reeves’ Batman

Variety is exclusively reporting that Robert Pattinson is in talks with Warner Bros. to star as Matt Reeves’ Batman in the upcoming DC film The Batman.


Matt Reeves was brought on board the project back in February 2017, taking over the reigns of directing the film that Ben Affleck was originally set to direct based on a script he wrote with Geoff Johns. Since then, Reeves has been adapting the script for The Batman along with Ben Affleck, upon which Affleck revealed in January that he wouldn’t be reprising the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman for Reeves’ version.


The report states that though sources say the deal is not done yet, Pattinson is the top choice and it’s expected to be sealed shortly. Insiders also say that filming could start in late 2019 or early 2020.


Personally I’m liking the choice, as it’s been reported to death now that Reeves’ iteration of Bruce will be younger than Ben Affleck’s version and if it focuses more on showcasing him as the ‘World’s Greatest Detective’, then I’m sure Pattinson can nail that. Sure there’ll be some that will voice their distain primarily due to the last time Pattinson was attached to a franchise (The Twilight Saga) but he has come along way since then and I’d advise you to reserve judgement and check it his performances in other films, particularly Good Time and High Life.


The Batman is scheduled for cinematic release on the 25th June 2021.




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