Shooter: USA Network To Cancel Drama Series After Three Seasons

Media outlets are reporting that USA Network has decided to cancel thriller drama series Shooter after three seasons.


The second season took place a year after the first season, where Bob Lee Swagger was framed for an attempted assassination of the President of the United States. Living the quiet life with his family in Texas, Swagger is invited to Germany to honour one of his old military friends. After a tragic attack, Swagger is on a mission to find those responsible before things get any worse. In the third season, Bob Lee struggles to put an end to the events of Season 2, a nemesis reveals mysterious details surrounding his father Earl’s death, leading him towards a startling conspiracy that hits close to home.


The freshman season of Shooter was delayed due to a series of real-life mass shootings and despite lukewarm reviews, it ended up instantly becoming one of USA Network’s highest rated series amongst viewers. The second season was halted from completing it’s entire run due to Ryan Phillippe breaking his leg whilst they were filming the ninth episode of its ten-episode run. I thought Shooter was a decent television series, with the second season in particular being really solid and unfortunately the momentum was halted by the off-camera injury of its main star. I haven’t seen any of the third season to comment on the quality of the series currently, but the cancellation reports come as somewhat of a surprise to me. But with reports stating that a lead producer at Paramount TV is trying to shop the series elsewhere, the obvious one to pinpoint is Paramount Network, though time will tell on that front.


The third season of Shooter stars Ryan Phillippe, Shantel VanSanten, Omar Epps, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Beverly D’Angelo, Josh Stewart, Felisha Terrell and Raymond J. Barry.

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