Flight Of The Navigator: Reboot In Development At Lionsgate, Joe Henderson To Pen Script

The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting that Lionsgate and The Henson Company are developing a reboot of 1986 kids sci-fi film Flight of the Navigator, with Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson to write the script.


The Flight of the Navigator has us following a young boy named David Freeman who is abducted by a UFO and reappears eight years later, at the exact same age and with no memories of what happened. When NASA officials spot a connection between the boy and a recovered UFO and try to capture him, the kid tries to unravel the intergalactic mystery while trying to reunite with his family.


A Flight of the Navigator reboot has been attempted before, such as Disney trying to reimagine the project back in 2009 with Brad Copeland penning the first draft, and even at one point having Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly working on the script in 2012, but that version never took off.


I grew up on Flight of the Navigator and while the film holds a special place in my childhood memory, this getting a polished reboot isn’t actually a bad idea. It all depends on the tone they’re looking to go with and which young actor/actress they cast in the main role.

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