The Exorcist: Li Jun Li Joins Cast For Season 2

Deadline is reporting that Li Jun Li is the latest name to join the cast for the upcoming second season of The Exorcist.


The second season is set to follow Father Tomas Ortega and newly collarless Marcus Keane heading out beyond Chicago, searching out evil. Across the Atlantic meanwhile, Father Bennett attempts to weed out those within the Vatican who have turned against God. Ultimately the two men are led to a former child psychologist who runs a group home for five at-risk foster children on a secluded private island off the coast of Seattle. When one of the children under Andrew’s case is targeted by a powerful force, the two priests head west, setting themselves on a collision course with Hell.


Li Jun Li (whose credits include Blindspot and Quantico) will be playing the role of Rose, a social worker assigned to the group home run by Andrew Kim. She is a by-the-books rule follower who arrives to investigate whether Andy is still capable of caring for the children without a maternal figure in the home. Though she’s a strict follower of the rules and boundaries that come with her profession, it becomes clear that she and Andy have a history, and Rose is the first who is able to see through Andy’s brave front. Having grown up in foster care herself, she understands the difficulty of creating a stable home for these children and can relate to them easily.


Li Jun Li will be joining original cast members Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels and Kurt Egyiawan, as well as newcomers John ChoBrianna Hildebrand and Zuleikha Robinson.

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