Wind River: Official Trailer Released Online

The Weinstein Company have released the first trailer for screenwriter Taylor Sheridan’s directorial feature debut Wind River.


Wind River focuses on Cory Lambert, who works for the Fish and Game Department as a hunter of coyotes and other predators in Wyoming. Suffering after the death of his teenage daughter, he stumbles upon a raped body of a teenage girl frozen in the desolate wilderness. A rookie FBI Agent named Jane Banner, who is unfamiliar with the terrain and weather, enlists the help of Cory to help her find those responsible.


Wind River is a film I’ve been keenly interested in once I heard that the project was in the works way back at the start of 2016. I’ve enjoyed Taylor Sheridan’s screenplays for Sicario and Hell or High Water so I was definitely going to check this out and now seeing the footage of his directorial feature debut, I really like the tone of it and Sheridan just seems to thrive in this genre of crime dramas. Wind River stars Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Julia Jones, Jon Bernthal, Gil Birmingham, Graham Greene, and Kelsey Asbille.


Wind River is scheduled for cinematic release on the 4th August (USA) and 8th September (UK).

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