Fast And Furious: Universal Looking At Spinoff Focusing On Dwayne Johnson And Jason Statham

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Universal is in the early stages of developing a spinoff film to the Fast & Furious franchise focusing on the characters played by Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.


Currently The Fate of the Furious aka Fast & Furious 8 has made over $689m worldwide as it enters its second weekend at the box office and a spinoff has been touted by Dwayne Johnson for a while focusing on his character Luke Hobbs. With the response on Johnson and Statham’s chemistry in the latest film, it seems to have been noticed by the main heads behind the franchise and sources claim that the script will be written by chief Fast & Furious writer Chris Morgan, who has been on board the franchise since the Tokyo Drift entry.


The idea for the spinoff is for Johnson’s U.S Diplomatic Security Agent Luke Hobbs to form an unlikely alliance with Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw (much like Fast & Furious 8) and the film could potentially be put into production while they figure out the path that the next Fast & Furious instalment should go down, which is aimed for a 19th April 2019 cinematic release date.


On paper this seems like a no brainer on Universal’s part to even consider this spinoff as a potential moneymaker. The franchise is hardly losing any speed but it is started to feel like there’s nowhere else really for it to go or have anything new to say as the cast is constantly getting bigger as each instalment is released. Focusing on the characters of Hobbs and Shaw, who for me were the bright sparks in a rather underwhelming Fast & Furious 8, makes the most sense in terms of making a spinoff with them characters.


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