Deadpool 2: Josh Brolin Cast As Cable

The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting that Josh Brolin has been cast in the hotly contested role of Cable opposite Ryan Reynold’s for 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool 2.


David Leitch will be taking over the directors chair for the sequel from Tim Miller, where the original R-Rated superhero film made $782m worldwide on a $58m budget. The character Cable is described as in many ways being the opposite of Deadpool: a man who is a leader and used to being obeyed, who is very controlled but with an aura of simmering violence. In the comics, Cable was from the future and was the adult of Scott Summers, also known as X-Men member Cyclops. Whether that will play in some way into the sequel remains to be seen as the plot is being kept under wraps.


Josh Brolin has landed the role which had been contested for months, from the rumours of Russell Crowe to Brad Pitt being on the list, to the recent names of David Harbour and Michael Shannon being on the shortlist. Brolin is no stranger to the comic book genre, appearing as the title character in 2010’s as well appearing as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Marvel Studios. The report states here that Josh Brolin has signed up for four films and you can guess that X-Force will be one of those films on the contract. Josh Brolin will be joining recently cast Zazie Beetz who will be playing Domino.


While I like Brolin and reckon he’ll kill it as Cable, part of me wishes that the studio would’ve went for a more unknown figure for the role, like for example I was pulling for David Harbour as I reckon while he could nail the role, he wouldn’t be ‘outshining’ the main star as it were in Ryan Reynolds.


Deadpool 2 is currently pencilled in for a cinematic release in January 2018.


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