Shotgun: Maika Monroe And Jeremy Allen White To Star In Indie Film

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Maika Monroe and Jeremy Allen White have been cast to star in romantic drama/comedy indie film Shotgun.


The film is set to centre on Elliot and Mia as they develop a fast relationship after one of them is diagnosed with a life-changing illness.


The film, which is set to commence production this month, will be written and directed by Hannah Marks and Joey Power. Jordan Yale Levine will be serving as producer on the project under the Yale Productions banner alongside Jordan Beckerman, Michael J. Rothstein, Ash Christian and WYSJ Media’s Sean Glover. WYSJ’s Wei Wang will serve as executive producer.


Speaking about the project, Hannah Marks said:

Maika and Jeremy could not be more perfectly suited to bring the complex and challenging characters of Mia and Elliot to life.


Joey Power added:

We are big fans of their work, and are incredibly grateful and excited to have them on board.


Jordan Yale Levine said:

Hannah and Joey have created a story that is wholly original, yet universal in its exploration of how we deal with life’s most trying circumstances. I’m so proud to partner with them on this fantastic project.



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