Deadpool 2: Zazie Beetz Cast As Domino

Ryan Reynolds announced on twitter tonight that Atlanta star Zazie Beetz has been cast as Domino for Deadpool 2.

David Leitch will be taking over the directors chair for the sequel from Tim Miller, where the original R-Rated superhero film made $782m worldwide on a $58m budget. The Domino character (also known as Neena Thurman) is a mutant/mercenary much like Deadpool, who has powers such as the ability to initiate random telekinect acts that turn probability in her favour. Also Domino has a close connection to another mutant named Cable, who will definitely appear in the Deadpool sequel though the actor playing the role is yet to be officially announced.


I’m a fan of this casting choice as Beetz was very good in Atlanta and considering the show is on hiatus until 2018, it was only a matter of time before she landed a role for a major studio for a big screen picture. As always when it comes to these casting announcements, you’re reminded of the shortlists that come out a few months before and of course the Domino casting one ended up being off completely.



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