Agent Emerson: Lyndsy Fonseca And Tony Denison To Star In VR Film

Film News - Agent Emerson - Lyndsy Fonseca And Tony Denison To Star In VR FilmVariety is exclusively reporting that Lyndsy Fonseca and Tony Denison are to star in the virtual reality film Agent Emerson, which has begun production this weekend.


Agent Emerson focuses on a CIA operative who awakens to find himself part of an experimental government program where subjects are under complete remote control by The General. He fight to retake charge of his own actions and escape the high-security facility with some help.


Talking about the project, director and co-writer Ilya Rozhkov said:

I’m truly excited with the immersive medium of virtual reality which provides completely new ways of storytelling and engaging the audience.


Speaking about signing up for the project, Lyndsy Fonseca said:

This is a stellar opportunity to embrace the new virtual reality frontier and I am excited about working with director Ilya Rozhkov and the Rogue Initiative.


Tony Denison added:

It’s an honour to be chosen to be part of this advanced new world of VR filmmaking.


Producer on the project, Sergey Selyanov said:

The new cutting-edge world of VR will soon expand the norm of how we experience films. Working as a grand team together with Ilya, Rogue, and our amazing cast and camera technicians, we will be bringing new eyes to the future of the fresh technological advances in the industry.


Lyndsy Fonseca will be playing the character that aids the CIA operative on escaping the high-security facility while Tony Denison will be playing the role of The General. Ilya Rozhkov co-write the script with Joshua King. Rozhkov will also serve as producer under the Rogue Initiative banner, along with Cathy Twigg and Pete Blumel. Russian producer Sergey Selyanov is financing and producing the project. Production has begun shooting in Louisiana and is set to finish in Los Angeles.



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