Tron: Disney Eyeing Reboot With Jared Leto

Film News - Tron - Disney Eyeing Reboot With Jared Leto The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting that Disney is circling Jared Leto to star in a Tron reboot.


The report states that the new Tron film is in the very early stages of development and that the studio have no writer or director attached to the project yet, though they’re hoping to attach Jared Leto to star. Justin Spring, who co-produced Tron: Legacy and executive produced Oblivion, is producing the Tron project. It’s believed that Leto and his producing partner, Emma Ludbrook, will also be involved in some producing capacity if Leto agrees to star and the project moves forward.


Tron first came out in 1982 starring Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner, set in a world within a computer program, a cyberspace called the Grid. While not a major box office hit at the time, it was influential with it’s special effects and drew a cult following after its cinematic release. A sequel eventually followed in 2010 with Tron: Legacy starring Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges, making $400m worldwide at the box office.


Back in 2015 it seemed that a Tron 3 was set to commence filming in Vancouver, with Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski returning to direct and Hedlund and Wilde also reprise their roles. Even then the studio was interested in attaching Jared Leto to the project but negotiations never commenced and the studio decided to pull the project completely. THR claim sources are telling them that this project is not a direct sequel to Tron: Legacy, but this Tron film is being built out of the Tron 3 script. Jared Leto could be playing a character named Ares, who was a key player in that script.


I’m not too sure how to feel about the fact that Disney could completely reboot the Tron property as I felt Tron: Legacy was a decent followup to the original. However I’m intrigued as to whether this will be a reboot or will it be a sequel of sorts to Legacy considering they’re re-adapting the Tron 3 script.



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