Land Of Steady Habits: Connie Britton To Join Cast

Film News - Land Of Steady Habits - Connie Britton To Join CastThe Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting that Connie Britton has signed up for a lead role in Nicole Holofcener’s latest film The Land of Steady Habits.


The film, based on the debut novel from Ted Thompson, focuses on a man in his fifties who, just when he seems to have it all, implodes in the middle of affluent Connecticut life. He leaves his wife, buys a condo and waits for freedom. But when he realises he made a gross error in judgement, he embarks on a clumsy journey to redeem his personal and professional missteps.


The title role is being played by Ben Mendelsohn and Connie Britton will be playing the role of a divorcee who develops a connection with Mendelsohn’s character, first meeting him in a strip club. Also cast in the Netflix ensemble is Edie Falco and Thomas Mann. Anthony Bregman and Stefanie Azpiazu will serve as producers on the film under their Likely Story banner. Holofcener will be directing on the script she penned and filming is set to commence in New York in March.


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