The Irishman: Martin Scorsese’s Crime Drama Heading To Netflix

Film News - The Irishman - Martin Scorsese's Crime Drama Heading To NetflixIndieWire is exclusively reporting that Martin Scorsese’s crime drama The Irishman is making a move from Paramount to Netflix.


he Irishman is set to be based on the Charles Brandt novel ‘I Heard You Paint Houses’, which is the deathbed story from mob hitman Frank ‘The Irishman’ Sheeran about the disappearance and death of Jimmy Hoffa. Steve Zaillian set to adapt the screenplay. Frank Sheeran was a member of the Bufalino crime family out of Pennsylvania and became a confidante of Hoffa. According to Sheeran’s story, Hoffa was driven to a house near the Red Fox restaurant (the place where he was last seen) and shot twice in the back of the head in the hallway, then cremated in a mob-connected funeral home. Floor planks where Hoffa would have hit the floor were pulled up and tested for DNA more than 10 years ago. Of the two good samples taken, the FBI could confirm nothing sold as one was inconclusive and the other could only reveal that it was a male….the rest is lore. The name of the book comes from the first thing Hoffa reportedly said to Sheeran (‘I heard you paint houses’), which means when blood is splattered all over the floor and walls after a hit.


The news comes shortly after it was announced that Brad Grey was departing his position as Paramount’s chairman and CEO. While Netflix is set to obtain the domestic rights, back in May last year STX Entertainment bought the international rights for the film (estimated $50m) at Cannes and has Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci attached to star.


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