Scarface: Release Date Confirmed And Coen Brothers Polishing Script

Film News - Scarface - Release Date Confirmed And The Coen Brothers To Polish ScriptMedia outlets are reporting that Universal have tapped the Coen Brothers to polish the script for the Scarface remake, which the studio has set for 10th August 2018 release starring Diego Luna.


Back in August of last year, Universal brought Fuqua on board the project to direct the retelling of the classic gangster story which will focus on the immigrant rags-to-riches story but will present itself in contemporary Los Angles. A couple of weeks ago however Fuqua departed the project due to schedule conflicts and how to choose between the Scarface remake or The Equalizer sequel.


The Variety report on the news states that the studio is close to landing a new helmer, while The Hollywood Reporter has just written an article claiming that sources tell them that Hell or High Water’s David MacKenzie and Deepwater Horizon/Patriots Day’s Peter Berg are frontrunners to direct the remake. The Coen Brothers tweak the script much like they did for Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken and Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies to get the films ready to shoot.


The Scarface remake is scheduled for cinematic release on the 10th August 2018.


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