Code 8: XYZ Films Acquires International Sales Rights For Robbie And Stephen Amell’s Sci-Fi Film

Film News - Code 8 - XYZ Films Acquires International Sales Rights For Robbie And Stephen Amell's Sci-Fi FilmDeadline is exclusively reporting that XYZ Films have acquired the international sales rights to Code 8, the sci-fi film which cousins Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell topline.


The pair starred in Jeff Chan’s short film of the same name and launched an Indiegogo campaign last year to get it adapted into a feature film, raising more than $1.7m in the process. The short film was set in a world where 4% of the population is born with some type of supernatural ability, but instead of being billionaires or superheroes, most ‘specials’ face discrimination and live in poverty. We follow a man (Robbie) struggling to pay for his mother’s medical treatment and is recruited by a criminal (Stephen) who teaches him to use his powers to pull off a series of crimes.


Aswell as the Amell’s set to return for this feature adaptation, Sung Kang, who also appeared in the short, is set to return also playing the relentless cop who pursues them. Chan will direct and produce under his Colony Pictures banner, with the Amells, screenwriter Chris Pare, Thick Water Entertainment and Resolute Films’ Lee Kim executive producing. Production is aimed to commence in Toronto in May as XYZ now start to sell the title at the European Film Market this week in Berlin.



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