7500: Paul Dano To Star In Patrick Vollrath Film

Film News - 7500 - Paul Dano To Star In Patrick Vollrath FilmDeadline exclusively reports that Paul Dano will star in Patrick Vollrath’s thriller 7500, a drama that takes place only in the cockpit of a plane that is being taken over by terrorists.


7500 is described as a ‘nail-biting’ thriller which takes place completely in the airplane cockpit during a normal commercial flight from Berlin to Paris. The story will focus on co-pilot Tobias Ellis (Paul Dano’s role) whose smooth flight is interrupted by screams which can be heard from the cabin. A group of young men try to enter the cockpit armed with glass bottles and he might fight and then negotiate with his attackers for the sake of all on board his Airbus A319.


7500, which is scheduled to begin filming in Germany in the summer, is being directed by Patrick Vollrath, who was nominated for an Oscar last year for his live-action short Everything Will Be Okay. Jonas Katzenstein and Maximilian Leo will be serving as producers on the project.


The concept behind 7500 intrigues me, particularly the part in the report from Deadline which the film will have a similar visual concept to Room in that in that all the action and psychological terror takes place in one space. Granted anyone that watches Room knows that line isn’t exactly true to the film, perhaps it could be more similar in the vein of Tom Hardy’s Locke in that it takes place in one space. Paul Dano is one of those actors that commits completely to the role he’s playing and has been very good to excellent as of late with his performances in Prisoners, 12 Years A Slave, Love & Mercy and of course last year’s Swiss Army Man and my interest in 7500 is sold now primarily because of his casting alone.


7500 has no scheduled cinematic release date yet.




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