Snatch: Official Teaser Trailer Drops Online

TV News - Snatch - Official Teaser Trailer Drops Online For Crackle Series

Crackle have just released the first trailer for upcoming original scripted series based loosely on the 2000 Guy Ritchie-directed crime/comedy film of the same name Snatch.


Inspired on a real life heist in London, Snatch will focus on a group of twenty-something, up-and-coming hustlers who stumble upon a truck load of stolen gold bullion and become suddenly thrusted into the high-stakes world of organised crime where they must quickly learn to navigate the treacherous waters of London’s underworld as rogue cops, gypsy fighters, international mobsters and local villains descend upon them.


Just judging the first trailer, I didn’t really like it at all. Some shots looked fine but the story and the characters feel like lightweight companions to that of the Guy Ritchie film. The cast of Snatch includes  Rupert Grint, Dougray Scott, Ed Westwick, Luke PasqualinoLucien Laviscount, Phoebe Dynevor and Juliet Aubrey.


Snatch is set to premier on Crackle on the 16th March.


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