Lost In Space: Ignacio Serricchio Joins Cast For Netflix Series

tv-news-lost-in-space-ignacio-serricchio-joins-cast-for-netflix-seriesDeadline exclusively reports that Ignacio Serricchio is the latest name to be joining the cast of Netflix’s Lost In Space reboot.


The new Lost In Space takes its cues from the original CBS series, revolving around the Robinson family, which is forced to come together in a time of crisis. Stranded light years from their intended destination, the Robinson’s find themselves battling a strange new alien environment and their own personal demons.


Ignacio Serricchio (whose credits include The Wedding Ringer and Bones) will be playing the role of Don West, a roughneck smuggling luxury goods on the side who finds in the Robinsons the family he never thought he would find. The character was played by Mark Goddard in the 1960s CBS television series and by Matt LeBlanc in the 1998 film.


The reboot series has been written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, with Zack Estrin serving as Executive Producer (and will also serve as showrunner) and Kevin Burns and Jon Jashni of Synthesis Entertainment, as well as Neil Marshall and Marc Helwig of Legendary TV-based Applebox serving as Producers. Serricchio joins a cast that includes Taylor RussellToby StephensMaxwell JenkinsMolly Parker and Parker Posey.


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