Jane Millen: Olga Kurylenko Set To Star In Crime Thriller

film-news-jane-millen-olga-kurylenko-set-to-star-in-crime-thrillerDeadline, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are reporting that Olga Kurylenko has been attached to play the lead role in writer/director Cynthia Mort’s crime thriller Jane Millen.


The film focuses on seasoned cop Jane Millen who, as her family life spins out of control, focuses on her job as a police detective in order to gain a sense of control. Jane is put on a suspicious murder case of an affluent couple who got mixed up with the wrong man. Her investigation takes her down a rabbit hole, as affairs, jealousies and dark secrets emerge that threaten to involve her own private life. Jane finds herself in the middle of an investigation with surprising results that no one could have seen coming.


Karen Kehela Sherwood and Greg Schnez will serve as Producers of the film alongside Jai Khanna of Brillstein Entertainment Partners, who will serve as an Executive Producer. 13 Films, who are producing and financing the film, are handling the sales for the picture, presenting it to buyers soon at the AFM. Production is slated to begin next year in April.



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