Shock And Awe: Jessica Biel, Richard Schiff And Luke Tennie Join Cast

Film News - Shock And Awe - Jessica Biel, Richard Schiff And Luke Tennie Join CastDeadline exclusively reports that Jessica Biel, Richard Schiff and newcomer Luke Tennie are the latest names to be joining the cast of Iraq War film Shock and Awe.


Shock and Awe focuses on a group of journalists who asked the tough questions about Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, the official reason given by the Bush administration for the invasion of Iraq. The story follows Knight-Ridder reporters Jonathan Landay and Warren Strobel, who after the events of 9/11 met with bureau chief John Walcott to get to the bottom of who was responsible. Their sources tell them that the Bush Administration trying to tie Saddam Hussein to the terror attacks, even though there was no evidence to support such a claim. As the push for a war in Iraq increases, they bring in legendary reporter Joe Galloway to give them high-level sources to help counter the false narrative of Hussein, al-Qaeda and WMD’s. They find themselves to be one of the only media sources running stories countering the prevailing narrative and thus in the end, Iraq is invaded and their reports are proven true.


So far the cast of Shock and Awe includes Woody Harrelson, James MarsdenTommy Lee Jones, Alec Baldwin and Milla Jovovich. The report states that Jessica Biel will be playing the significant other of James Marsden’s character, while Richard Schiff will be playing a guy nicknamed ‘The Usual’ who is a deep-background source from the intelligence community and Luke Tennie will be playing a fictional character who is a paralysed combat veteran who testifies during the Senate hearing on the circumstances surrounding the Iraq War. He represents the U.S. solider and the human consequence of war.


There is no cinematic release date as of yet for the Rob Reiner film, though pre-production is set to begin next month.


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