Kickboxer Vengeance: Official Trailer Drops Online

Film News - Kickboxer Vengeance - Official Trailer Drops OnlineRLJ Entertainment have released an official trailer for Kickboxer: Vengeance exclusively via Yahoo!


Kickboxer: Vengeance is a retelling of the 1989 Kickboxer martial arts film which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme, who will appear in this film as Master Durand.  The film focuses on a mixed martial artist named Kurt Sloane who seeks revenge after his brother dies in a match in Thailand against bruising Muay Thai champion Tong Po. The film also stars Alain Moussi, Dave Bautista, Gina Carano, Cain Velasquez, Fabricio Werdum, Darren Shahlavi, Sara Malakul Lane and Georges St-Pierre. 


Kickboxer: Vengeance is scheduled for cinematic release on the 19th August (US) and 30th September (UK) 2016.


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