Bump: Zach Braff To Direct Working Title Comedy

Film News - Bump - Zach Braff To Direct Working Title ComedyDeadline exclusively reports that Zach Braff has committed to direct Working Title’s project Bump.


Bump is a black comedy written by Ori Guendelman and Rob McClelland that ended up making the 2015 Black List. Working Title partners Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner will serve as Producers, Liza Chasin will serve as an Executive Producer and Johanna Byer will oversee the project.


The synopsis for Bump is as follows:

Bump tells the story of the single most important night in Thomas’ life, where one mistake sets into motion a series of abusrd events that threaten to unravel the clichéd life he’s worked so hard to build. This wild ride calls into question the balance between ambition and morality and the dubious decisions made in pursuit of the American Dream.


Zach Braff’s directorial credits include Garden State, Wish I Was Here and recently he just wrapped up filming Going In Style. As of yet there is no casting details or even a release date set for Bump. The premise of Bump interests me enough to see how this project from Working Title will develop over the coming months, particular with Zach Braff at the helm as I very much enjoyed Garden State and thought Wish I Was Here was decent.


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