Conjuring 2: Spinoff In Development At New Line

Film News - Conjuring 2 - Spinoff In Development At New LineThe Hollywood Reporter exclusively reports that New Line are reuniting with James Wan and Peter Safran to develop a spinoff from The Conjuring 2.


James Wan and Peter Safran are reuniting to produce the spinoff which is set to focus primarily on the villain of The Conjuring 2, the demonic nun. David Leslie Johnson, who co-wrote The Conjuring 2, has been hired to pen the script for the spinoff which for now is being titled The Nun. The THR report goes on to mention how the demonic nun character didn’t exist until the last minute of The Conjuring 2 – three months before its cinematic release – and with the blessing from New Line, James Wan was able to add her in during last minute reshoots.


This will be the second spinoff from the Conjuring series, with the first being Annabelle released back in 2014, which has a sequel set to be released in 2017. Well it looks like we should officially settle in for a horror cinematic universe involving The Conjuring series. I’ve still yet to watch these films (as horror films are normally low on my watch list) but i’ll check out The Conjuring before seeing the sequel in cinemas this weekend.

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