Legends Of Tomorrow: New Vixen Set To Be Series Regular For Season 2

TV News - Legends of Tomorrow - New Vixen Set To Be Series Regular For Season 2TV Insider has reported that Vixen will be appearing as a series regular for the second season of CW’s Legends of Tomorrow….but Megalyn Echikunwoke (Megalyn E.K) won’t be reprising the role.


Megalyn Echikunwoke has been voicing the character on her own animated show the network’s digital channel, CW Seed, and has appeared in Arrow’s fourth season as Vixen but due to the actresses work schedule for an upcoming film project (currently Step Sisters is in pre-production) she is unavailable to play the part. Rather than recast however, the report states that Vixen will be introduced in the second season of the series as an old Vixen, with Rip Hunter’s ability to time-travel, we’re get to meet an earlier version of the character who may or may not share some sort of historical tie to Mari McCabe. Even though she will be busy on Step Sisters, TV Insider states that Megalyn will continue to voice the character in the Vixen animated series and the door has been left open for her to guest star on any of the Arrowverse shows should her schedule be open.


Well it is a bit of a bummer that Megalyn Echikunwoke won’t be having a bigger role in the Arrowverse next season but I am glad that the creative heads there haven’t decided to ditch and recast the role and instead intend to explore the mythology of African superheroes that have used the totem that has been past on from generation to generation until Mari McCabe possesses it. Maybe if the character becomes a hit and/or if the audience enjoys the backstory about the totem, the Vixen live-action series could become the next show for CW to tackle int he Arrowverse?


So who would you have play an old version of Vixen? Is Gina Torres still available if The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez doesn’t get a series order?



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