Halloween: John Carpenter To Executive Produce Blumhouse And Miramax Co-Production

Film News - Halloween - John Carpenter To Executive Produce Blumhouse and Miramax Co-ProductionBlumhouse revealed to the media last night that they are co-producing with Miramax on a new Halloween film, with creator of the original 1978 Halloween film, John Carpenter, attached as an Executive Producer and potentially do the original score for the film.


Jason Blum in a statement said:

Halloween is one of those milestone films that inspired everyone at our company to get into the world of scary movies. The great Malek Akkad and John Carpenter have a special place in the hearts of all genre fans and we are so excited that Miramax brought us together. We cannot wait to find and collaborate with the right filmmaker to give Halloween fans the movie they deserve.


In a statement John Carpenter said:

Thirty-eight years after the original Halloween I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all.


A report from Collider did indicate that there was a small Q&A session with the media involving Jason Blum, Zanne Devine and David Thwaites from Miramax, Malek Akkad from Trancas and John Carpenter.


During the session John Carpenter said:

We’re probably going to go back to the original traditions that we started with early on. It’s kind of gone astray a little bit. I thought maybe the remakes went off somewhere that I didn’t want ‘em to go. Michael Myers is not a character. He is a force of nature. He is not a person. He is part supernatural, part human. He’s like the wind. He’s an evil wind. When you start straying away from that and you get into explaining, you’re lost. So hopefully we can guide it back in that direction.


Jason Blum explained:

We’re not being vague because we know and we’re not telling. We’re being vague because we don’t know. We’re talking about different things. But I do feel like all of us kind of want to go back to that – I don’t know. I’m going out on a limb here. Malek, you guys tell me if you disagree – I don’t think we want to make it too meta, you know what I mean? We want to make it like it was – back to the basics – and not get into too much backstory which we don’t need.


Well this is certainly big news in terms of the Halloween franchise, which honestly could do with a throwback of going back to basics with Michael Myers as a whole rather than the later instalments in the films franchise. It’ll be interesting to see who is cast in the film and who will be directing.


The new Halloween filmed is being aimed for cinematic release on Halloween 2017.


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