Training Day: CBS Gives Series Order

TV News - Training Day - CBS Gives Series OrderMedia outlets have reported that one of the most intriguing pilots out there serving as a sequel to the 2001 film of the same name, Training Day, has been given a series order at the CBS Network.


The Antoine Fuqua film of the same name, released back in 2001, had us following Denzel Washington as a rogue narcotics officer and Ethan Hawke as his rookie partner taking him through a life in the day of a narcotics officer to see if he has what it takes. Antoine Fuqua is executive producing the series alongside Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Will Beall and Barry Schindel, while Danny Cannon directed the pilot.


The pilot is set fifteen years after the 2001 film where we follow an idealistic, young African-American police officer named Kyle Craig, who is given an assignment by the Deputy Chief to go undercover with an elite squad of the LAPD, known as the Special Invesitgation Section (SIS), and take down the morally ambiguous detective Frank Rourke, gaining the trust of the seasoned cop by becoming his new partner. The cast of Training Days includes Justin Cornwell (Kyle Craig), Bill Paxton (Frank Rourke), Katrina Law (Detective Rebecca Lee), Drew Van Acker (LAPD officer Tommy Campbell), Lex Scott Davis (Kyle’s wife Alyse Arrendondo) and Julie Benz (Holly McCabe). There was talk at one point of Ethan Hawke reprising his role but unfortunately that didn’t follow through.


Out of all the pilots to be given a series order, I’m very excited to see how this will transition to network television, particularly on CBS. Fuqua has pushed for this story to be expanded further on a television format and serve as a sequel and if the series becomes a success, what’s not to say that even attempts to bring Ethan Hawke back for a minor appearance won’t be recalled down the line?


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