Slender Man: Screen Gems Looking To Produce Film Adaptation

Film News - Slender Man - Screen Gems Looking To Produce Film exclusively reported recently which other media outlets have been picked up on that Screen Gems are looking to develop a film adaptation of the internet meme that spawned off into a video game series.


Recently The Hollywood Reporter stated that Screen Gems are in negotiations with Mythology Entertainment, the production company run by Bradley Fischer, James Vanderbilt and William Sherak, to produce a film version of the internet-grown intellectual property. Madhouse Entertainment and It Is No Dream Entertainment also are involved with the deal, as the two are partners with Mythology in the venture. Mythology acquired the rights for all platforms including motion picture, television, video games, publishing and more.


The birth of the Slender Man began back in 2009 on a thread in the Something Awful forum where a contest was held to make everyday photographs look supernatural, with a user posting as ‘Victor Surge’ (Eric Knudsen according to The Hollywood Reporter), posted two photos of children with an unnaturally tall, thin man behind them wearing a black suit. Knudsen would later create lore to the character that the Slender Man abducted children and influenced people to commit terrible acts, leading to more adding to the myth of the character that would take off over the years into pop culture via short films, cosplay and video games. A film adaptation will be interesting to see unfold on screen as I remember the first Slender Man game being bloody tense to play and it’ll fit well under the Screen Gems banner.



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