Anthony Mackie To Play Johnnie Cochran In Signal Hill Police Brutality Case Film

Film News - Signal Hill Case - Anthony Mackie To Play Johnnie Cochran In Police Brutality DramaDeadline exclusively reports that Anthony Mackie to star as Johnnie Cochran in a film about a police brutality case in Signal Hill in 1981.


While Johnnie Cochran will be remembered for representing celebrities such as O.J Simpson, Michael Jackson, Jim Brown and Sean Combs, his rise to fame as an advocate for blacks suffering in police brutality cases was galvanised by his work in the landmark Signal Hill case. He represented a football player, Cal State Long Beach star Ron Settles, who had been arrested for speeding in Signal Hill, in Los Angeles County. Shortly after his arrest, he was found hanged in his cell. The police called it a suicide, but an autopsy, performed after Cochran persuaded Settles’ family to exhume the body, showed that he had been choked to death. The family was awarded $760,000 in a civil suit, the police chief resigned, and reforms were mandated. The script has been written by David McMillan and the film is yet to be given an official title.


It certainly will be an important film to get right on screen and casting Mackie as Cochran is an interesting choice that has me intrigued to see how that will unfold on the big screen. After all Courtney B. Vance absolutely own the Cochran role on FX series American Crime Story: The People v O.J Simpson, I wonder how many people will be interested even moreso with this film that Cochran is involved with the case?


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