Film Review – The Boy

Film Review - The BoyDIRECTED BY: William Brent Bill

STARRING: Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, Jim Norton, Diana Hardcastle, Ben Robson, James Russell, Jett Klyne and Lily Pater



An American nanny is shocked that her new English family’s boy is actually a life-sized doll. After she violates a list of strict rules, disturbing events make her believe that the doll is really alive..

Film Review - The BoyThe Boy takes us to a remote location in England as a young American nanny named Greta travels there to take a job at the Heelshire residence. She arrives in believing that she is babysitting their young son Brahms….only to discover that their son is in fact a life-sized doll. Greta is left to care for young Brahms while they’re gone and when odd things start to occur in the house, Greta begins to believe that Brahms may in fact be really alive.

Film Review - The BoyWe had Natalie Dormer lead the way in a horror film a few months back and now another television actress is leading the way here in this latest horror film in Lauren Cohan. While The Forest had potential but fell completely flat for me, I figured I would give the next horror film to come out in the cinemas a chance rather than shutting it down completely. I unfortunately missed out on The Witch during its cinematic run so the next one to come out was The Boy and I can honestly say I enjoyed it less than The Forest….slightly.


The concept of this life sized porcelain doll being catered to from a still grieving mother and father over the death of their son and odd occurrings ensue has the potential to be interesting to watch and from the films opening scenes I actually figured it was batshit crazy but from the Greta characters point of view – would I sit around a house alone with a life sized doll for a good amount of money? Sure! Easy payday. With the material given Lauren Cohan does fine and Rupert Evans was okay as Malcolm, the Heelshires’ grocery boy who provides exposition for Greta and the viewer as well as become a love interest while no other characters it seems for the remainder of the film until the final act.


Unfortunately I found the film to be unbelievably dull at times, especially in the second act as we have Greta wandering around the house, morning and night, for what seems like a lifetime as nothing happens amongst ‘creepy’ stares from Brahms, knocks here and there and let’s not forget the two dream sequences….in which Greta is walking around the house. It also doesn’t help the film much that I don’t care for either Greta or Malcolm as individuals, let alone as a pairing. There’s also a sub-plot in regards to why Greta has left America to come to England to work for the Heelshires in the first place which feels irrelevant and then completely forced to come to a head in the films final act. In regards to the twist in the final act – it should seem obvious and then it unfortunately turns to a level of hysterics in execution which I’m sure wasn’t the intention with how serious a tone they’ve attempted with the doll concept throughout the film it brings the overall film down even further.



Quite boring yet goes off with a somewhat memorable finale which unfortunately puts The Boy into contention for the best unintentional comedy of the year in that regard as it ends in a way that it tries to set up for a sequel for the viewers to come back for….which I won’t. 2/10


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