Fast 8: Title, Location And Release Date

Film News - Fast 8 - Vin Diesel Posts Film Title And Release Date On InstagramOver the weekend Vin Diesel posted not only the new title for the upcoming film in the Fast & Furious franchise, but also revealed the location and release date…which is sooner than some of us thought.


Next film will be titled Fast 8, will be released on April 2017 and we now know that it will at least take place in New York, while there has been rumours circulating the interweb that some filming will take place in Cuba. There’s no plot details at this exact moment for the film though it’s expected that the usual suspects, plus allegedly Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jason Statham, will return for the eighth instalment.


This will also mark the second film in the franchise to not star Paul Walker, the first since his tragic death during a break in the production of Furious 7. F. Gary Gray is directing this instalment. While there’s silence on plot, I wonder if the Jason Statham return is partly true, but it will also include hopefully Luke Evans if he’s not available due to scheduling as he’s currently in the middle of shooting on The Girl On The Train, so we can have the brothers versus Dom & Co. mayhem. Granted it will be weird to see the franchise continue without Paul Walker for obvious reasons, but there’s still plenty of characters in this universe (so much so that there’s just numerous crazy rumours the last while of multiple spinoffs) to follow and root for. I also hope for a return of Kurt Russell after Furious 7!


Fast 8 is pencilled in for a April 2017 cinematic release.


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