Gotham: Michael Chiklis To Join As Series Regular For Season 2

TV News - Gotham - Michael Chiklis Joins As Series Regular For Season 2News from TVLine reveals that Emmy winner Michael Chiklis will be joining the ranks of Gotham as a series regular for the shows upcoming second season.


Chiklis will be setting up shop at the GCPD as Captain Nathaniel Barnes, with producers of Gotham explaining a bit more about the character:

Barnes lands on the Gotham City Police Department like a tornado, ripping out the dead wood of the city’s police force. He is a law-and-order zealot; unafraid of making enemies on either side of the law. For Gordon he is a hero and a mentor, someone with whom he can share the burden of heroism. Captain Barnes proves himself to be a strong ally to Gordon , but one day he will make an equally powerful enemy.


Michael Chiklis is no stranger to cop roles in starring in shows such as The Commish in the early 90’s and then for the role he cemented for almost the decade of the 2000’s as Vic Mackey in The Shield which earned him an Emmy win Best Actor in a television series. Chiklis also appeared in the last season of American Horror Story: Freak Show as Dell Toledo. The second season of the show is set to focus on the ‘rise of the villains’ according to Bruno Heller at the Comic Con panel a few weeks ago.


As far as casting goes you can’t go wrong with adding Michael Chiklis to your cast, he’s a talented actor and it’ll be interesting to see in what way he becomes a powerful enemy of Jim Gordon’s. It’s well known that I wasn’t a fan of the show and gave up halfway through its first season run (Just didn’t work for me) and from what I’ve been told from a few that continued on watching it, I was lucky to quit while I was ahead. Despite Gotham not being my thing however, I support the casting choice.


Gotham returns with its second season stateside at the end of September 2015.


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