Almost Human, Definitely Cancelled

TV News - Almost Human CancelledWhile it’s not a surprise, it’s still a disappointment as it was announced last night that FOX have indeed decided to pull the plug on their new show Almost Human after just one season.

Almost Human put us into the world of 2048 where we follow Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban), a man whom after a confrontation with a violent gang, is now left with a synthetic leg and a hatred towards artificial humans. Returning to duty, Kennex is paired up with Dorian (Michael Ealy), an earlier version of a police android that was eventually shelved due to unpredictable programming….which happened to be making decisions based on emotional responses.   

The premise was simple and basic enough and as it was a JJ Abram’s produced show and of the success of Fringe with the fact that FOX kept that around longer than expected, considering it was a sci-fi show, I thought this would make it to season 2 but the writing was on the wall when they started to show the episodes out of order (Firefly anyone?). Also with at least three new shows coming up on the network (Empire, Gotham, The Red Band Society) and renewing these shows recently (Bones, The Following, Glee), Almost Human’s cancelling shouldn’t come as a surprise but like I said, it is still disappointing as regardless of it being essentially 13 stand alone episodes, I really enjoyed the premise and the chemistry between Urban and Ealy and with the major plots left open at the end of the season to move forward for the show to grow into its own mythology, it’s a shame we’ll not get to see where it was going.


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