Zack Snyder To Direct Justice League Film

Justice League FilmFor those that were clinging on to earlier rumours that the WB could consider Ben Affleck being brought into Batman VS Superman and also being tied in to direct the Justice League film, prepare to be gutted as it’s been announced that Man of Steel and Batman VS Superman director Zack Snyder is locked in now to direct the next follow up which is of course the Justice League film.

Keeping Snyder on board to expand the DC universe further, speaking to Wall Street Journal, WB President of Worldwide Production Greg Silverman said:

It will be a further expansion of this universe. Superman vs Batman will lead into Justice League. 

With the news of not only Batman and Wonder Woman are being billed for this film, but also Cyborg just recently been cast, I’m pretty sure with that quote from Silverman, most fans will be like “No Kidding Sherlock”.

I’m sure the news of Snyder directing won’t surprise anyone, even with those that don’t want him to direct it and wish someone else could direct it instead. I have no issue with Snyder, I always say it depends on who is writing the script. My issue is with Batman VS Superman is will they deal with the characters origins in that in a quick way to lead their superhero selves in Justice League, or rush everyone’s origins in the Justice League film or hell, even already have them established in the Justice League film and do the origin solo films afterwards? The question really comes down to if DC/WB actually have a long-term plan or if they are just throwing all their chips into one film to compete with Marvel? Still all the evidence points to the latter.

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